Wendy Ford named 2016 Grand Marshal

Congratulations to this years Grand Marshal, WENDY FORD,
Crisis Intervention Coordinator for the Springboro Schools and Executive Director/Founder of the Springboro Community Assistance Center

Wendy Ford has always had a passion for being able to help young people with developmental and behavioral issues, and chose to dedicate her career to helping families. Her proudest moments are when she sees a student of hers graduate, get a job, or be recognized within the community for their success.
In 2000, she jumped at the chance to join Springboro Schools as the Crisis Intervention Coordinator, and for the opportunity to address issues and achieve positive outcomes within a community that she calls “family.” She is known throughout Springboro for her incredible talent for working with at-risk students. While working with struggling families, Wendy quickly recognized that some behavioral problems expanded beyond life at school – that children were also lashing out because their families were barely surviving at home – some without food, clothes, means of paying their bills, or maintaining their homes. Wendy began to search for a solution and pioneered the Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) in 2007.

The SCAC set out to extend their reach to families by providing financial support in the form of food, gas cards, heat and even emergency funding. Wendy was now able to provide a safe, consistent foundation of positive reinforcement not just to her students, but to their families as well. Through Wendy’s resourcefulness, she could now offer outreach to help them overcome financial hurdles that can derail family stability – extending a helping hand to others to provide temporary assistance and make families able to be stable – not to enable.

Wendy has become a valuable source of information for families in the Springboro community who are in crisis. Community leaders attribute her success to her compassion, her intellectual curiosity, her aptitude, her ambition and most definitely, her attitude.

Wendy has two amazing children of her own who she has raised with this same level of authenticity and determination. Wendy says she chose this line of work because she recognized that children need safe environments if they are to thrive and to be able to live happy and productive lives. Although her job often keeps her away from home, she admits the satisfaction she receives from helping others is worth every hard day, every challenge, and every missed dinner with her boys.

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